Through the use of avant garde technologies our company is in constant research to obtain more efficient methods for multiple reproduction and processing of cereals, forage and legumes seeds, among others, obtaining always a final product of excellence.

In SEK seeds the reproduction of seeds takes place in our own fields right next to our processing and storage plant in the middle of the prominent vegetation of the Valdivia province. As part of our commitment with environment all the infrastructure of our company was build respecting and protecting the vegetation and including the native fauna of the place, in other words, we adequate and adapts ourselves to the existent nature of the area.


Our experience in the trade mark obligates us to do continuous research to achieve quality and efficiency, in consistency with care for nature.Our company possess infrastructure and equipment that allow us to be innovative and friendly with the environment and at the same time responsible for the native flora and fauna. our farming fields more than simple crops are touristic places.


In addition our professionals have a vast experience with a sophisticated and modern laboratory where the results of the farming work of our fields are checked and meticulously analyzed, through the use of an exhaustive quality control, our company wants to guarantee our customers with a product of excellence.

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