In our constant search for process automatization, obtain higher efficiency without affecting quality and being in harmony with environment always trying not to be invasive with nature, we have developed and specialized in what is called “precision agriculture”, in fact we are pioneers in the use of this technology in Chile. Exhausting soil monitoring aiming to identify its variability, allow us to apply fertilizers to certain types of soil only when necessary obtaining in this way more powerful, fertile and sustainable soils.


The quality in the final product obeys to diverse factors, highlighting the geographical location of our fields, its microclimate which is rainfall abundant, what permit us to have better output capacity and obtain bigger sizes in seeds.


The use of avant garde technology in all stages of the process of seed´s reproduction allows us to adopt a favorable attitude toward sustainability. This technology works through modern machinery which is used to increase fertility by improving soil quality and distribution of seeds while being sowed.


After harvest, everything is about the grain storages, they work automatically, all the storage is controlled by software that operates temperature and humidity. This technology also keeps the different seeds varieties separately, protecting them from pollution and plagues and at the same time increase efficiency in selection, production and conservation (keeping seed´s storage longer) of our products.